When perimeter security is paramount, Stop Stick LTD lays the groundwork

November 2, 2016

By: Stop Stick

Category: Stop Stick News

In today’s times, improving perimeter security in locations ranging from public venues to power facilities has become more critical than ever. Companies and municipalities alike are seeking ways to proactively thwart terrorism, sabotage, and vandalism, at their sites.

In two recent cases, one of Stop Stick LTD’s premiere products, the tire deflation tactical equipment called the Stop Stick® Barracuda®, were deployed as a means of diminishing the devastating consequences of vehicles breaking through portable barricades intended to harm citizens and to breech sensitive power plant facilities.

In the French city of Nice, 84 people were killed during a Bastille Day celebration in 2016 when a terrorist drove into crowds attending a street festival. The French National Police took quick action to ramp up safety at subsequent festivals, contacting Stop Stick the day following the attack and investing in a combination ofBarracuda® and other Stop Stick® products. Made of a durable polyurethane casing with Teflon®-coated quills inside, the 36-inch Barracuda® is designed to slow a vehicle. Upon impact, the quills pass through the casing and into the tires of ensuing cars, trucks, buses and tractor-trailers. This solution also supports fast, easy cordoning of areas to restrict ingress/egress or to control traffic flow. In this case, Stop Stick® products were placed alongside traditional barricades to impede potential attacks at upcoming street festivals.

In another example, a security assessment of a nuclear power plant revealed that the facility could benefit from increased perimeter security. To further protect its generators from vehicles attempting to breech the property, the power plant considered a few options, including expensive engineering and tactical landscaping solutions. The Barracuda® proved to be an efficient and cost-effective permanent solution to safeguard the perimeter of the property’s chain-linked fence.

These innovative uses of Stop Stick® technology offer a flexible, mobile, and affordable means of restricting access, increasing safety and reducing death and injury at venues or facilities also using traditional barricades or fencing.

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