Stop Sticks are Used in Arrest of Eight in Motor Vehicle Theft Case

June 20, 2024

By: Zach Madden

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Victoria Police Use Stop Sticks in Arrest of Eight in Motor Vehicle Theft Case

Victoria Police Use Stop Sticks

            In Melbourne Australia’s western suburbs, a story that began with reckless joyriding ended with arrests after Victoria Police used Stop Sticks.  Eight boys were charged for stealing two vehicles by the Wyndham Crime Investigation Unit.

The Chase

            On Monday, June 17th, two cars were seen driving erratically through the Wyndam and Melton areas in Australia.  The Subaru and Kia were noticed at around 12:15 pm, and the police began to track the cars down.  Then, on Heaths Road in Hoppers Crossing, officers successfully deployed Stop Sticks on the Subaru with the help of Air Wing.  After the Stop Sticks were deployed, the Subaru lost control and four teenagers exited the car and they tried to run but were caught.

Air Wing tracked down the Kia and arrested four more teenagers out of this car.  Thankfully, there were no injuries reported during the time of the chases.  After the teenagers were caught, the officers realized that the two cars from the chase were stolen.  The Kia was stolen the same date, and the Subaru was stolen on June 13th.


All eight boys were between the ages of 15-17.  There were two 17 year olds from Tarneit, three 16 year olds from Tarneit, one 16 year old from Truganina, a 15 year old from Tarneit, and a 15 year old from Hoppers Crossing.  All eight boys were charged with theft of a motor vehicle.  The boys have been bailed to appear before a children’s court at a later date.


Reckless driving is very dangerous and can injure many innocent people, as well as the driver themselves.  With the help of Stop Sticks, this threat can be reduced as well as help the police create a safer environment.

Link to article by: WyndhamTV