Bonowi Flexshield

Bonowi™ FlexShield
Item No. Bekaflex

Bonowi™ FlexShield
Ballistic Shield

The FlexShield is the premier ballistic backup protection system perfect for all active shooter response plans. The FlexShield offers High-performance ballistic protection in a foldable compact package. The shield can be made rigid using a CO2 Cartridge and worn like a protective shield. Easily stowed in any patrol vehicle and ready to respond during an active shooter situation. When inflated, FlexShield easily fits between a car door and the seat, or use the velcro® patches (included), to fix Flexshield over windows and vulnerable areas. The FlexShield comes with NIJ Level III ballistic hard pates to upgrade the shield to a higher protection class.

  • Offers mimized packing dimentions and weight
  • Provides near-complete body shielding from chin and arms to the groin
  • Stays fully flexible even when inflated
  • connects to additional FlexShields to provide additional coverage and protection
  • Inflated it can be used as an emergency stretcher
  • Dimensions 25 in x 25 in (60 cm x 60 cm)


  • The FlexShield, measures 24 x 24 inches, and can be folded and stowed in a compact carry bag.
  • NIJ Level III ballistic rifle plates can be easily removed and stowed in the carry bag when not in use.
  • Without the hard ballistic plates, the FlexShield is rated to NIJ Level III A which is capable of stopping most handgun calibers up to a .44 Magnum
  • FlexShield offers additional trauma protection against stabbing weapons such as blades, and spikes.
  • Additional impact protection is added to the forearm area to reduces trauma when shot.
  • An internal Airframe™ bladder is integrated into the shield for additional rigidity using a CO2 cartridge, FlexShield inflates in under 2 seconds.
  • Multiple shields can be connected to each other via connecting zippers to expand the protected area.
  • Linked shields can also be used as stretchers to transport injured victims.
  • he FlexShield offers high tactical value and maximum protection compared to conventional ballistic shields.



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