EKA Camlock

Baton Size Item No.
16″ Steel BEKA16S
16″ Aluminum BEKA16A
21″ Steel BEKA21S
21″ Aluminum BEKA21A
24″ Steel BEKA24S
24″ Aluminum BEKA24A
26″ Steel(Only) BEKA26S


The Bonowi EKA Camlock® Expandable Baton sets a new standard of effectiveness and reliability in expandable batons.

The baton can be expanded by using a moderate swing of the wrist or by simply pulling its tip. It is retracted by pushing the baton sections together again after pressing the release button on the rear end of the handle. The impact energy is absorbed by the rubber trimmed handle and by slide rings at the transition between the baton sections. The slide rings also enable a quiet expansion and retract on of the baton without any metallic scraping noise, rattling, or bounce-back effect.

The Bonowi CAMLOCK® Baton comes in both steel and hardened aircraft aluminum for officers who prefer to carry a lighter weight impact weapon.

  • Available in four lengths – from 16″ to 26″ inches
  • 10-Year Maintance -Free Warranty
  • Comprehensive range of holsters and accessories


Grip Safety Ring (Round & Squared)

H1 Holster with Impact Ring

H3 Vega Holster

Cordura Holster

CAMLOCK® H1 Belt Holster

Designed specifically for the Bonowi EKA CAMLOCK® Baton, the H1 Belt Holster has an ergonomic thumb break for easy access.
It features Bonowi®’s patented Tip-Lock, which allows the baton to expand as it is drawn from the holster. A detachable window
break tool is integrated into the bottom of the holster, which can be quickly installed onto the tip for the EKA CAMLOCK® Baton. 

  • The Holster can be locked into 6 positions and rotated 180 degrees. Is suitable for both right, and left-handed draw.
  • The Baton locks in the holster and the baton expands immediately upon drawing.
  • The Holster Base contains an impact ring that can be mounted on the CAMLOCK®.
  • The Impact Ring is mounted on the EKA Holster with any tool. For removal, the Holster includes a hexagonal tool.
For EKA 21″(51 cm) 26″(66 cm)
Item No. BEKAH121 BEKAH126

CAMLOCK® H3 Vega Holster

The H3 Vega Belt Holster was specially Developed for the Bonowi EKA expandable CAMLOCK® Baton. It is suitable both for left-handers and for right-handers and can be rotated 360°. The EKA Baton can be locked in the Holster by using Bonowi’s Tip-Lock so that it will expand immediately when pulled out.

  • The Holster is designed for belt widths up to 2.5 inches ( an adjustable spacer is built in for smaller belts)
  • Holster material: Akromid B3 GF30 (30% glass-filled polyamide)
  • Holster mounts to all MOLLE systems
For EKA 21″(51 cm) 26″(66 cm)
Item No. BEKAH321 BEKAH324

CAMLOCK® Cordura Belt Holster

The CORDURA holster is characterized by its durability and is the perfect carrying device for the 16 “, 21″, and 26 ” EKA CAMLOCK® Batons from Bonowi. The Velcro® fastener adapter is suitable for all belt systems and enables the holster to be ready for use quickly. You can adjust the pulling resistance according to your needs.

  • The Holster can be locked into 4 positions and rotated 90 degrees. Is suitable for both right, and left-handed draw.
For EKA 21″(51 cm) 26″(66 cm)

EKA Baton Training Pad

The EKA Training Pad was specially developed for training with the EKA CAMLOCK® Baton.

Designed to be used for a wide range of training scenarios, the EKA Training Pad features a curved shape for protection from blows to the peripheral areas, superior impact dampening multiple support handles for comfort, and added stability for the wearer.

A Better-Designed Training Pad

Traditional training pads have a flat strike face making training with a baton less effective. The EKA Training Pad is designed so that the person delivering a blow can accurately differentiate the location of large muscle groups.
an Integrated polycarbonate plate and curved shape protect users from all strikes, dispersing the impacts so the user doesn’t feel blows through the pad. As a result, the person striking the pad can be more confident in their actions without fear of causing harm to the person holding the pad.

Classroom Tested & Proven

The EKA Training Pad Stands up to the most rigorous classroom exercises and still maintains its shape and rigidity, with minimal signs of wear.
The EKA Training Pad is better suited for classroom training exercises compared to traditional strike pads. The EKA Training Pad provides a larger protected area, without sacrificing mobility no matter how large or small the stature of the person holding it.
Designed with a replaceable strike face the pad can easily be maintained and made to look new by simply removing the strike face and replacing it with a new one.

Training Pad Size Item No.
16 in x 24 in BEKPAD_40x60
24 in x 24 in BEKAPAD_60x60
28 in x 35 in BEKAPAD_70x90



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