Tactical Protection

Ballistic backup protection for active shooter response plans, and tactical solutions for personal defense. Stop Stick Tactical Protection brings original innovative protective and tactical solutions for law enforcement and military, designed for the modern-day.

Stop Stick®, known for the world’s leading tire deflation device for high-speed pursuits, now brings German-driven innovation to USA-made products with the introduction of Bonowi Hart Armour With original solutions that protect those that protect us

Now, Stop Stick® is proud to introduce STOP STICK® Tactical Protection.
German-engineered and USA-assembled, products from Bonowi Hart Armour brings the world’s best in police protection and tactical law enforcement support to your local community.

Innovations that protect you

More Innovations that protect you
More than 30 years Bonowi Hart Armour has been one of the most forward thinking brands in specialized personal protection for law-enforcement and service members.

Our goal is to provide the best in personal protection, no matter what environment you’re thrown into. Always feel safe and protected with trusted tactical solutions from Bonowi Hart Armour.


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