Stop Stick Deployment Leads to Arrest of Uber Driver

July 3, 2024

By: Zach Madden

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Stop Stick Deployment Leads to Arrest of Uber Driver


In Collier County, Florida, a simple traffic stop ended up leading to a high-speed chase with innocent citizens in the backseat  The pursuit was ended with the help of a Stop Stick deployment.


A Simple Stop

            At about 2:30am on early Sunday, June 30th, a Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputy noticed something wrong on the road.  A black Hyundai passed by with a loud, modified exhaust system.  This prompted a traffic stop near Osprey’s Landing.  It turned out that this was an Uber, and the driver had two passengers with him.  Once the driver was identified, he sped off which kick started a high-speed pursuit chase.

Stop Stick Deployment, Collier County

The Chase

            With two innocent passengers in the car, The Uber driver was involved in a chase from the police throughout Collier County.  He reached speeds of up to 120 mph going through several intersections, as he was leading deputies on Davis Boulevard.  During this chase, the Uber driver ran through several traffic lights and stop signs.

Near the intersection of Davis Boulevard and Airport Road, the deputies deployed Stop Sticks to attempt to stop the vehicle.  The deployment was a success, as the Hyundai’s front tires were punctured.  The driver attempted to keep fleeing from the officers, but after a while, he had to exit his car.  Once he exited the car, he made a final attempt to run on foot.  This was put to an end after the police tased and apprehended the suspect.

Stop Stick Deployment, Collier County



            Once the driver was stopped, the officers ran a background check.  They identified him as Jose Emmanuel Romerofat.  His background check revealed three arrests in the past two years for driving without a valid license.  He was on probation until this past April.  Romerofat is now charged for fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer with lights and sirens active, resisting law enforcement without violence, and driving without a valid driver’s license.  He has been transported to the Naples Jail Center and he is currently being held on a bond of $14,000.



The Uber driver’s reckless actions were made even more dangerous by the presence of innocent passengers. This disregard for passenger safety is a serious breach of the trust placed in Uber drivers. Thankfully, officers were able to safely end the pursuit using a Stop Stick, ensuring everyone’s well-being.


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