Stop Stick® December Hit of the Month 2023: Milford Police Department [CT]

February 1, 2024

By: Zach Madden

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Stop Stick® Heroes: December 2023 Hit of the Month

Read about the exceptional police officers who used Stop Sticks® to safely end pursuits in September
“Hit of the Month” is Stop Stick, Ltd.’s program to recognize truly outstanding performance results coming from the successful deployment of Stop Stick® Tire Deflation Device in ending pursuits. Every month hundreds of reports are received from across the country documenting successful deployments of Stop Sticks®. These reports detail stories of exceptional police work and proper deployment of the Stop Stick® Tire Deflation Device to bring pursuits to an end safely. Below are the departments that were nominated from the hundreds of submissions, and the ones who have been selected as the “Hit of the Month”.



Milford Police Department
Milford Connecticut

  • # of tires deflated: 1 (R/Rear)
  • Pursuit Speed: 0-10 MPH
  • Time of Pursuit:  10 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled after deployment: <1
  • Target Vehicle Make: 2013 Hyundai Elantra
  • Deploying Officer(s): K9 OFC Kevin Hillard

    “Milford Police Officer Kevin Hillard Awarded December’s Hit of the Month for Swift Capture of Vehicle Theft Suspects”

    We’ve nominated Officer Kevin Hillard as our winner for December’s Hit of the Month for his deployment that resulted in the safe capture of 2 individuals who had just stolen a vehicle out of a resident’s driveway.

    The incident unfolded when a resident reported their stolen vehicle, prompting Officer Magnan to respond swiftly.

    Rather than initiating a direct traffic stop, Officer Magnan coordinated with fellow units to strategize a safe approach to intercept the stolen vehicle.

    The suspects’ luck took a turn as they found themselves stuck in traffic. Seizing the opportunity, Officer Hillard, accompanied by his K9 partner Tyson, skillfully deployed Stop Sticks, successfully flattening one tire of the stolen vehicle.

    With one tire deflated, the suspects abandoned the vehicle and attempted to escape on foot. Officer Hillard, aided by K9 Officer Tyson, swiftly apprehended the first suspect who surrendered upon encountering the K9 unit. The second suspect was promptly located by K9 Officer Tyson hiding nearby in the brush.

    Officer Kevin Hillard’s tactical decision to deploy Stop Sticks and coordinate a strategic capture with his K9 partner not only resulted in the recovery of the stolen vehicle but also ensured the direct and safe apprehension of both suspects. This coordinated effort by the Milford Police prevented a potential pursuit, showcasing their commitment to public safety and effective law enforcement practices.”



Breckinridge County Sheriff’s Office
Hardinsburg, Kentucky

  • # of tires deflated: 4
  • Pursuit Speed: 110-120 MPH
  • Time of Pursuit: 13 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled after deployment: 5
  • Target Vehicle Make: 2016 Chevrolet Impala
  • Deploying Officer: Sgt. Brad Norwood

“Sgt. Brad Norwood Secures Hit of the Month Award for Expert Stop Stick® Deployment in High-Speed Pursuit”

Sgt. Brad Norwood of the Breckenridge County Sheriff’s Office earned our nominated for December’s Hit of the Month award in recognition of his Stop Stick® deployment, resulting in the termination of a high-speed pursuit involving an individual under the influence of methamphetamine.

The pursuit initiated in Hardinsburg, KY, when the Hardinsburg Police Chief witnessed the suspect’s Chevy Impala running a four-way stop in the downtown area. Upon attempting a traffic stop, the suspect accelerated, reaching speeds of 80-120 mph as they maneuvered through town en route to the highway.

Coordinating efforts with the Breckenridge County Sheriff’s Office and Hardinsburg police, the pursuit reached the highway, where a strategic plan involving a tractor-trailer was implemented. This prevented the suspect’s vehicle from exiting its lane, offering Deputy Sgt. Norwood the chance to position himself ahead of the pursuit and deploy Stop Stick®, effectively flattening all four tires.

Following the successful termination of the pursuit, the 66-year-old suspect, identified as Lee Roy Brow, continued to resist arrest but was eventually taken into custody. Further investigation revealed the suspect was under the influence of methamphetamine, found within the vehicle.

Sgt. Norwood’s nomination for Hit of the Month is well-deserved, considering the extreme speed of the pursuit and the immediate danger the impaired suspect posed to the public. His expert deployment of Stop Stick® not only brought the pursuit to an end but also ensured the capture of an individual jeopardizing their safety and the safety of others on the road.”




Rowlett Police Department
Rowlett, Texas

  • # of tires deflated: 2 (L/Front, L/Rear)
  • Pursuit Speed: 111-120 MPH
  • Time of Pursuit: 30 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled after deployment: 2
  • Target Vehicle Make: 2015 Dodge Charger
  • Deploying Officer: Sgt. Rangel

“Sgt. Rangel Awarded for Stop Stick® Deployment Leading to Termination of High-Speed Pursuit and Drug Bust”

We are proud to nominate Sgt. Rangel of the Rowlett Police Department for his exceptional Stop Stick® deployment, bringing an end to a high-speed pursuit initiated by the Texas DPS and resulting in the recovery of significant amounts of narcotics and money.

The pursuit unfolded after the suspect refused to stop for Texas DPS troopers, taking place on the Texas Tollway. The fleeing suspect managed to put a considerable distance between themselves and the pursuing Texas DPS Trooper.

Amid the pursuit on the tollway, Texas DPS requested assistance from available units to halt the vehicle. Sgt. Rangel, armed only with a description of the fleeing vehicle and with the suspect out of visual range of the DPS Trooper, strategically positioned himself ahead of the pursuit. He deployed Stop Stick®, successfully flattening both driver-side tires as the suspect approached.

The suspect unwittingly drove into the hands of additional responding units and was taken into custody approximately 2 miles after hitting the Stop Stick. During a subsequent search of the vehicle, officers discovered a substantial amount of narcotics and money, leading to additional charges of fleeing and eluding, along with numerous traffic violations.

In his report, Sgt. Rangel stated, “If it wasn’t for the Stop Stick® deployment, the suspect would have gotten away.”

Sgt. Rangel’s nomination recognizes his deployment’s critical role in terminating a high-speed pursuit. Without the intervention of Stop Stick®, the suspect’s escape would likely have been successful. We commend Sgt. Rangel for his quick and effective action in safeguarding public safety and bringing a dangerous pursuit to a safe conclusion.


Clark County Sheriff’s Office
Vancouver, Washington

  • # of tires deflated: 4
  • Pursuit Speed: 101 – 110 MPH
  • Time of Pursuit: 16 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled after deployment: <1
  • Target Vehicle Make: 2021 Toyota Camry
  • Deploying Officer: Deputy Hulsey, & Deputy C. Fraser

“Officers Hulsey and C. Fraser Recognized for Stop Stick® Deployment in December’s Hit of the Month”

We’ve nominated Officer Hulsey and Officer C. Fraser of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office for December’s Hit of the Month, acknowledging their strategic deployment during a pursuit that resulted in the safe capture of suspects who had fled from deputies after an attempted traffic stop.

The incident unfolded in the early morning hours of December 11th when a Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputy observed a suspect vehicle driving erratically. Upon attempting a routine traffic stop, the situation escalated into a pursuit as the suspect vehicle accelerated at a high rate of speed northbound. In an attempt to evade the pursuing deputy, the suspects executed a U-turn and accelerated to speeds exceeding 100 MPH.

A call for assistance was broadcast over the radio, with the pursuing deputy providing details of the suspect vehicle. Deputy Fraser positioned himself ahead of the pursuit and deployed Stop Stick, successfully flattening three of the vehicle’s tires. Undeterred, the suspects continued with three disabled tires until encountering another set of Stop Sticks, this time deployed by Deputy Hulsey. Deputy Hulsey effectively flattened the vehicle’s last remaining tire, prompting the occupants to flee on foot into a nearby grocery store parking lot.

While two of the vehicle’s three occupants were swiftly taken into custody, the third managed to evade capture by clinging onto a semi-trailer leaving the area.

A subsequent search of the stolen vehicle, discovered to have been taken from Portland, revealed a loaded gun and ammunition inside.

Deputy Hulsey and Deputy Fraser are nominated for their commendable deployments. The strategic use of Stop Stick resulted in the termination of a high-speed pursuit, the recovery of a stolen vehicle, and the apprehension of two individuals who posed a risk to their own safety and the safety of the public in their attempt to evade law enforcement. We applaud their dedication to public safety and exemplary use of Stop Stick in ensuring a safe resolution to a potentially dangerous situation.


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