2023 Stop Stick Hit of the Year - Adrian Rodriguez Los Angeles Police Department

STOP STICK Awards Hit of the Year to Ofc. Adrian Rodriguez and the LAPD

May 17, 2024

By: Zach Madden

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2023 Stop Stick Hit of the Month is Stop Stick®, Ltd’s top honor, awarded to individuals, and agencies who have submitted a deployment report after making a successful deployment with Stop Stick, or any one of our Pursuit Prevention Products. Award winners must have previously submitted a deployment report and have earned a nomination or have won Hit of the Month.

With over 500,000 vehicles equipped across the U.S. and worldwide – and with over 50,000 documented pursuits ended safely – Stop Stick® is law enforcement’s most trusted brand today. We are committed to serving those who serve us by providing training and tools that are proven to be safe, simple to use, and effective.

Stop Stick® Hero: Officer Rodriguez Earns 2024 Hit of the Year Award!

(Video From CBS News Los Angeles. By  -Deployment 15:15)

In a story that exemplifies exceptional courage and resourcefulness, Officer Rodriguez of the L.A. Police Department claims the prestigious Stop Stick® Hit of the Year Award for 2024!

Double Duty: Helping to Stop 2 Pursuit in One Shift

Officer Rodriguez’s remarkable feat began with a call to assist in apprehending a suspect driving a stolen utility vehicle towing a cement mixer. The suspect, exhibiting reckless disregard for safety, led officers on a 27-mile chase. When authorized, Officer Rodriguez strategically deployed Stop Sticks®, effectively disabling the stolen vehicle and allowing for a safe apprehension.

But Officer Rodriguez’s heroism didn’t end there. While returning to his station, he encountered another high-speed pursuit unfolding right in his path! Thinking quickly, he grabbed his previously used Stop Sticks® and set them up across the fleeing suspect’s path. This unexpected obstacle surprised the suspect, who struck the Stop Sticks®, ultimately disabling both driverside tires and disabling the vehicle. The suspect would then eventually attempt to carjack several other vehicles eventually leading to their surrender.

Officer Rodriguez: A Testament to Stop Stick® Effectiveness

Officer Rodriguez’s exceptional actions, including his remarkable ability to be present for two critical pursuits in a single shift, highlight the effectiveness of Stop Sticks® in safely resolving high-speed chases. This story also demonstrates the importance of resourcefulness and quick thinking in dynamic situations.

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