Spain Takes Action: Stop Sticks Now at the Forefront of Pursuit Tactics

February 5, 2024

By: Zach Madden

Category: Customer Stories, Stop Stick Products

Spanish Traffic Directorate Invests €1 Million in Innovative Stop Stick® Technology

The Spanish General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has recently made a significant investment in modernizing its pursuit intervention methods by acquiring Stop Stick® tire deflation devices. The purchase, amounting to approximately 1,200 units, reflects a substantial commitment of around €1 million.

This strategic move marks a departure from the conventional chain-and-spike barriers previously utilized by both the DGT and the Spanish National Police. The intention is to enhance pursuit intervention capabilities while addressing concerns related to the limitations and risks associated with traditional methods.

The Stop Stick® devices are designed to offer a more discreet, user-friendly, and less vehicle-damaging alternative to the chain-and-spike barriers. Their deployment is expected to be more efficient, reducing the risk to bystanders and minimizing potential damage to vehicles involved in pursuits.

While the adoption of Stop Sticks has been lauded for its safety features and improved ease of use, some experts have raised questions about the cost-effectiveness of this transition compared to traditional methods. The ongoing debate between the safety benefits and financial considerations adds an interesting layer to the discussion surrounding the implementation of innovative technologies in law enforcement.

As the Spanish traffic authorities embrace this cutting-edge technology, the outcomes of this transition will undoubtedly be closely observed and analyzed, offering insights into the evolving landscape of pursuit intervention methods within law enforcement agencies.