San Pablo Police Use Stop Sticks to Pursue DUI Suspects

May 31, 2024

By: Zach Madden

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San Pablo Police Use Stop Sticks to Pursue DUI Suspects

On one crazy night, San Pablo Police brought in two women after they engaged in a dangerous high-speed chase.  The pursuit involved drunk drivers, two people switching behind the wheel, and ended after the car ran over a Stop Stick.

The Chase Begins

            The story began when San Pablo officers saw a speeding car run a red light at 60 mph before almost hitting another car.  The police attempted to pull the reckless drivers over, but when they refused the pursuit began.


            While on the pursuit, the police saw the car speed into a drive-thru.  This gave the officers a chance to prepare, as they set up Stop Sticks to keep the two from leaving.  During this time the officers noticed that the drunk driver and drunk passenger had bizarrely switched spots in the car.

The Chase Continues… and Ends

          After the car hit the Stop Stick, two tires were deflated, but this did not stop the women from continuing to drive away very slowly from the police.  However, the San Pablo officers easily apprehended the two.  In a strange turn of events, when the officers finally approached the car to arrest the two women, they realized that the driver and passenger switched spots yet again.


            The San Pablo police used K-9 Trace, a member of the furry department, helped assist the officers safely detain the drivers.  Both women were charged with DUI, Evading, and Resisting Arrest.  On top of this, one of the women had a suspended driver’s license from a previous DUI as well as an arrest warrant.

San Pablo were able to do their job in a very bizarre circumstance.  As weird as the story was, it is important to remember that the two women were acting very dangerously towards others and could have easily injured someone.  With the help of Stop Sticks, the officers managed to keep their town safe.

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