Centurion Scout®

Centurion Scout®

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The Scout Portable Alarm Can Expand Your Reach

As demand for law enforcement presence often exceeds human resources, or overtime budgets, agencies are finding new ways to leverage current staffing allocations through the use of technology, specifically through the use of the Centurion Scout® portable alarm. The Scout offers multiple notification methods, including two-way radios and phone. When triggerd by a variety of wireless sensors the Scout makes law enforcement agencies aware within seconds that they are needed, without the constant allocation of manpower to any single situation.

There are many uses for the Scout in every day policing.

Property crimes

Property crimes are an issue for every police department, whether it be car break-ins, metal theft, home and business burglaries, or vandalism. The Scout provide a useful tool in combating many of these crimes that police deal with on a daily basis. Every day, a local house or business gets broken into and the owner wants peace of mind knowing that police have a prevention strategy in place.

A Scout alarm could be deployed using motion sensors, door/window contacts, or any other number of sensors to secure the location. Like a standard home security system, these sensors will trigger when a person enters the premises and will immediately contact law enforcement in the event of the break-in. In this instance, an alarm could be deployed over a weekend or even for a few months, without ever needing any police interaction. The alarm provides comfort to the owners, while not pulling law enforcement manpower away from other tasks.

Personal protection

Personal protection cases provide a unique challenge to law enforcement agencies across the country. How do you make someone feel safe, while still providing them with their own space and a semblance of a normal life? Using Centurion Scout® alarms allows an agency to provide individuals with a direct line to police at the push of a button. A unit can be set up at a person's home and a waterproof wireless button can be provided so that it can be worn 24 hours a day. The system allows the individual to move freely about their house, knowing that a simple button press will send a distress message over local police radio within seconds.

Violent crimes

In many cases, Scout alarms are deployed at pharmacies, gas stations or retail stores that are constantly getting robbed. By using predictive policing programs, potential targets are determined and systems can be set up to protect the potential victims. Providing the cashier, or associate, with a panic button, as well as a bill trap in the cash drawer, portable alarms allow officers to be immediately alerted to a situation in progress so they can respond accordingly.


  • Sensor Capacity: 250
  • Unique Notification Capacity: 1
  • Operating temperature range: -20° F to 150° F
  • Audio Outputs: Radio/Phone
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Power Input: 110V wall outlet / External Battery
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Battery Backup: 3 Days
  • Dimensions: 13.4”l x 11.6”w x 6”h
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