Police Chase Ends After Suspects Are Caught Driving on the Wrong Way

June 6, 2024

By: Zach Madden

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Police Chase Ends After Suspects Are Caught Driving on the Wrong Way

Three suspects were arrested for stealing a vehicle in Edina, Minnesota which began a police chase that ended in St. Paul on Thursday, May 30th.

Police Chase Ends

How it Started

At about 7:30 am, a Volkswagen Atlas was reported as stolen to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.  Authorities concluded that at least one of the suspects were armed.  Later that morning, Minnesota State Patrol cameras found the stolen vehicle near the border of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  Once they spotted the vehicle, the pursuit began.


The Chase

The suspects continue to try to flee, as it drove on Thomas Avenue towards Lexington Avenue.  At this point, the officer successfully deployed Stop Sticks, which flattened the two driver side tires.  Once they were hit, the vehicle attempted to get away by driving on the wrong side of the road.  According to the sheriff’s office, the case reached Highway 280, where the suspects attempted to get away on foot and failed.

Police Chase Ends: Dash camera video from law enforcement during pursuit of stolen vehicle

“The driver of the vehicle continued to flee west on University Avenue at high speeds until they reached Highway 280 where all four occupants then jumped out and ran away.”

– Sheriff’s Office


One suspect was instantly arrested.  He had a warrant for previously escaping custody.  Two others tried to flee into the Court International Building.  Later, they were found hiding in a bathroom on the fourth floor.  When they were arrested, deputies found two screwdrivers that were likely used to steal the car.  The three suspects were taken into custody and all have long criminal records.  These include: carjacking, armed robbery, and auto theft.  Two of the suspects also have aggravated robbery warrants.


    The suspects were driving recklessly and even went down the wrong way of the road.  That kind of dangerous driving can seriously hurt people if they are not stopped.  Without the help of the police and Stop Sticks, they could have done even more damage than they already caused.




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