Officers All Over Oregon Aid to Stop Street Takeovers With the Help of Stop Sticks

April 25, 2024

By: Zach Madden

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Officers All Over Oregon Aid to Stop Street Takeovers With the Help of Stop Sticks
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Portland Oregon (April 14, 2024): In Northeast Portland, police officers needed to find a way to end a dangerous street takeover.  By using the safe and effective Stop Sticks, the officers were able to put an end to the street takeover safely and effectively.

The Dangers of Street Takeovers

Street takeovers, or “sideshows,” have been a major problem in many cities across America.  They are large gatherings of people who block off streets to disrupt others as well as perform dangerous stunts with vehicles.  The amount of people partaking in street takeovers has grown to a point that people feel helpless and that they will never stop.  On Saturday, April 13th  in Portland, Oregon, a street takeover erupted.  Near 102nd and Gilsan, there were hundreds of people involved.  People were calling for help as there were scenes of racing and driving recklessly.

All Hands on Deck

There were so many people at the takeover that Portland officers were helped by Gresham Police and the Oregon State Police.  Together they were able to put an end to the street takeover.  They utilized Stop Sticks to aid in ending the takeover.  Stop Sticks were also used to combat a street takeover Friday, April 12.  Overall for the weekend, at least twelve cars were towed, a gun was seized, and at least six people were arrested.

Putting an End to Madness

The use of Stop Sticks played a large part in the police having a successful weekend of stopping street takeovers in Portland, Oregon.  The people of Portland seem relieved as well.  Civilians were asked about the street takeovers, and it appeared that most were fed up, complaining about the disruption and the dangerous people taking over their neighborhoods.  With the police working together and the help of Stop Sticks, it appears that Portland now has a plan to end the street takeovers in the city.

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