Situated on Florida's eastern coast, South Daytona features boating, fishing, sun, and a police department with some of the most trained and experienced officers on the eastern coast. Calling themselves “Stick City”, South Daytona PD has been one of our highest reporting agencies using Stop Stick®. 

Even though South Daytona Police Department isn't the largest jurisdiction in their county, they have one of the highest deployment rates, many of their officers having deployments in the double digits.

Lieutenant Bryan Craig of the SDPD(South Daytona Police Department) told us that the department has seen such success with the Stop Stick® Device that they are considering awarding challenge coins to officers for successful deployments.

When asked about his department's numerous deployment counts,

Lt. Craig explained that because of the town's geographical location between Daytona Beach and the main pathway from the south, pursuits and illicit traffic are forced to pass through South Daytona, where the police can act as bottlenecks with Stop Stick®. 

According to another officer of the SDPD, Sgt. Woodson suspects often follow similar routes through their district, allowing their movement to be fairly predictable, which has helped contribute to his 20+ deployment record

Stop Stick has been a success for the South Daytona Police Department, because of 2 things; their robust deployment policy, SDPD has a do not pursue policy in place, preferring the use of tire deflation devices, such as Stop Stick, as their preferred means to deter fleeing suspects. In addition, the department requires ongoing training and practice with Stop Stick®. Lieutenant Craig explained that he reviews all his agency's deployment reports, and ensures that his officers are using the Stop Stick® in a safe-covered location so that their deployments are strategic, not reactive.

According to Lieutenant Bryan, their reputation as " Stick City" has caused criminal behavior in their town to change. In several instances, fleeing suspects have actively avoided driving through South Daytona while being pursued by neighboring agencies. “They are aware we have Stop Stick® and they won't make it past our town."