Portland Police Bureau Win September' 2021's Hit of the Month

“Hit of the Month” is Stop Stick, Ltd. program to recognize truly outstanding performance results coming from the successful deployment of Stop Stick® Tire Deflation Device in ending pursuits. Every month hundreds of reports are received from across the country documenting successful deployments of Stop Sticks®. These reports detail stories of exceptional police work and proper deployment of the Stop Stick® Tire Deflation Device to safely bring pursuits to an end. Below are the departments who were nominated from the hundreds of submissions, and the ones who have been selected as the “Hit of the Month”.

We received over 280 pursuit reports for the month of September making it one of the busiest months for police departments nationwide. Out of all the reports we received we narrowed down 1 winner with a very unique story.

September's HOM Winner


Portland Police Bureau – North Precinct, OR

The Hit of the Month award goes to the entire Portland Police Bureau North Precinct, The North Precinct has drastically ramped up its use of Stop Stick for an ongoing mission to help curb illegal car racing sideshows and meetups. Portland has had to address officer shortages, which have led to an uptick in illegal behavior around the city. Acting Lieutenant Michael Roberts informed us that the illegal street racing community recognized that the police will not engage in pursuits due to danger to the public or policy restrictions, and because of that they have turned to the use of Stop Stick® as their best method of capture to help assist with the staffing shortage.

Portland’s Mission to crack down on illegal racing on their streets is still ongoing, and so an official deployment count is readily available yet. We named Portland as September’s HOM winner for their submission of 8 Pursuit reports in one night resulting in over a dozen arrests, and the recovery of 2 illegal firearms. in one case Portland PB officers attempted to stop a vehicle traveling at 90 MPH en route to a street racing event. Officers were able to pre-set Stop Stick® to prevent the suspect from fleeing. After hitting the first deployed stick then pulled over after seeing a second deployed Stop Stick® shortly after hitting the first. The driver told the officers, “After I was spiked, and I saw more in the road ahead of me I knew I was caught. It was a bad choice, and you all were just doing your job”.

September Nominees


David McCallum

Horry County Police Department, SC

Horry County PD was nominated for their Stop Stick® Deployment resulting in the capture of a man wanted for multiple warrants, in both South Carolina, and North Carolina. After Horry County Officers positively identified the man, fled initiating the pursuit Officer McCallum was able to deploy Stop Stick® ahead of the pursuit resulting in both left-side tires deflating. The pursuit continued for another 4 miles until the vehicle was disabled as a result of the flattened tires. The suspect was taken into custody without any further incident.


Eli Norris

Jackson County Sherriff’s Office, KS

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was nominated for their deployment of Stop Stick® as a pursuit prevention device. Jackson Co. Deputies were called to the residence for a domestic disturbance after a brief stand-off with police, the suspect attempted to flee the residence running over the pre-deployed Stop Sticks®, realizing that his vehicle was surrounded and disabled the suspect surrendered peacefully.


Deputy Codee Stanley

Berrien County Sheriff’s Office, MI

Berrien County Sheriff’s Office was nominated for hit of the month for their deployment, Berrien County Sheriff Deputies used Stop Stick® to stop a stolen vehicle and accomplice get-away vehicle, resulting in the apprehension of both suspects.

If you've made a deployment using Stop Stick® and would like to be considered for Hit of the Month, and Hit of the Year, please fill out and submit your pursuit report, and if you have a video of your deployment please upload it after submitting your pursuit report:

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