6/20/2022 - 21 Stop Stick Pursuit News Stories From Around the Country.

With over 400,000 vehicles equipped across the U.S. and around the world – and with over 38,000 documented pursuits ended safely – Stop Stick® is law enforcement’s most trusted brand today. We are committed to serving those that serve us by providing training and tools that are proven to be safe, simple to use, and effective. 

I 71 Pursuit Wilmington

Man in Clinton County Jail after I-71 pursuit Tuesday - Wilmington News Journal - Ohio

Source: Wilmington News Journal https://www.wnewsj.com/news/206282/man-in-clinton-county-jail-after-i-71-pursuit-tuesday

Federal Way ATM Robber

Woman, 69, robbed at ATM | Police blotter | Federal Way Mirror - Washington

Source: Federal Way Mirror  https://www.federalwaymirror.com/news/woman-69-robbed-at-atm-police-blotter/

Moses Lake Police arrest suspect in 2nd stolen vehicle

Suspects reportedly flee from MLPD in stolen car; later arrested in another stolen vehicle - Washington

Source:iFIBER One News by Joe Utterhttps://www.ifiberone.com/columbia_basin/suspects-reportedly-flee-from-mlpd-in-stolen-car-later-arrested-in-another-stolen-vehicle/article_86fe6b72-ecda-11ec-b080-93e57ea8ec61.html

Mexican Human Suggler shoots at boarder patrol agents

Mexican Human Smuggler Sent to Prison for Shooting at Border Patrol Agents in Texas - Texas

Source: Breitbart by Luisana Moreno https://www.breitbart.com/border/2022/06/15/mexican-human-smuggler-sent-to-prison-for-shooting-at-border-patrol-agents-in-texas/

James Rife shoots at kentucky officers

Man’s name released in Pike County pursuit, shots-fired incidentKentucky

Source: https://www.wsaz.comhttps://www.wsaz.com/2022/06/15/police-pursuit-ends-with-driver-shot-by-authorities/

Man arrested after parlier high speed chase with Stop Stick

Man arrested following high-speed chase in Parlier - California

Source: KMPH by Stephen Hawkins – https://kmph.com/news/local/man-arrested-following-high-speed-chase-in-parlier-fresno-county-sheriffs-deputies-parlier-police-department-manning-avenue-fowler-avenue-spike-strips


rgN0807 stop wideweb 470x2820

Domestic Violence Suspect Arrested Following Chase - California

Source: KVEC-AM - San Luis Obispo, CA  - https://www.920kvec.com/2022/06/14/domestic-violence-suspect-arrested-following-chase/

13 Pierce County body cam video shows car chase that led to deputy shooting suspect
Pierce County body cam video shows car chase that led to deputy shooting suspect - Washington

Source:king5.com - https://www.king5.com/article/news/crime/pierce-county-body-cam-video-robbery-car-jacking-suspect/281-e9444cd1-f6a4-4ffe-b023-f1adad003de5

Man Calls 911 claiming illigal chase stopped with Stop Stick
Report: Washington Man Calls 911 Claiming Police ‘Illegally’ Chasing Him - Washington

Source: Breitbart by Nick Gilbertsonhttps://www.breitbart.com/crime/2022/06/14/washington-man-calls-911-claiming-police-illegally-chasing-him/


Suspect crashes then is stopped again with Stop Stick
Charges: St. Paul man fled police in Hastings and crashed, injuring two young passengers - Minnisota

Source: Twin Cities - https://www.twincities.com/2022/06/14/charges-st-paul-man-fled-police-in-hastings-and-crashed-injuring-two-young-passengers/


Suspect driving 121 MPH stopped with Stop Stick
Woman caught driving 121 MPH in Owens Cross Roads - Alabama



Stolen Vehicle Evades police untill Stop Stick intervenes
Two Arrested - Stolen Vehicle / Evade Police - ASU Assist - Saskatchewan

Source: Saskatoon Police Service - https://saskatoonpolice.ca/news/2022233


Dangerous driving incident stopped with Stop Stick
Dangerous driving incident nets two arrests - Saskatchewan

Source:Country 600 CJWW by Vanese M. Fergusonhttps://www.cjwwradio.com/2022/06/14/dangerous-driving-incident-nets-two-arrests/


rgN0807 stop wideweb 470x2820
Police arrest four after stolen car sighted in edithvale - Australia

Source: The National Tribune - https://www.nationaltribune.com.au/police-arrest-four-after-stolen-car-sighted-in-edithvale/


Waukesha Police stop slow speed chase with Stop Stick
Driver Fled Traffic Stop, Led 3 MPH Chase And Needed Gas: Police - Wisconsin

Source: Waukesha, WI Patch - https://patch.com/wisconsin/waukesha/driver-fled-traffic-stop-led-3-mph-chase-needed-gas-police'

Pennsylvania Man in a stolen Police car hits Stop Stick twice
Pennsylvania man wanted for stealing police car crashes in Frederick County - Maryland

Source: WMAR - https://www.wmar2news.com/news/local-news/pennsylvania-man-wanted-for-stealing-police-car-crashes-in-frederick-county


Nebraska man tries to run from Kansa Police Stopped with Stop Stick
Nebraska man apprehended after high speed pursuit in Richardson and Brown counties - Kansas

Source: Hiawatha World Online by Hiawatha World  - https://www.hiawathaworldonline.com/news/nebraska-man-apprehended-after-high-speed-pursuit-in-richardson-and-brown-counties/article_904cf79e-eb44-11ec-a979-3f458291ad9a.html

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