Stop Stick® is the number one brand for ending automotive pursuits in the U.S. and around the world. A trusted solution in more than 300,000 police vehicles, Stop Stick has helped officers successfully end more than 30,000 documented pursuits. "We are proud to offer a product that reflects and supports the values upon which this country was founded," says Stop Stick co-owner Cliff Robson.

Rooted in innovation, Stop Stick® was invented and is still produced in the USA

In 1994, Stop Stick technology was crafted by an Indiana State Trooper to help fellow officers safely perform their jobs. Later, in 1996, the creator sold his business to Cincinnati-based friends, Cliff Robson and Jim Wersching, who remain committed to the values upon which Stop Stick was founded.

"We are proud to offer a product that's American-made," says Robson. "Our Stop Stick shop in the heart of Harrison, Ohio is like a slice of Americana." The company is committed to employing people from the local community, which enables Stop Stick to hand deliver exceptional quality in every device. 

Policing for the next century 

From growing beyond the original Stop Stick® to offering Terminator® and Piranha® devices, Stop Stick® consistently pursues improvements for officers and the communities they serve. "Every single day Stop Stick devices are being deployed throughout the USA and the world," says Robson. "To have a tool that allows law enforcement to do their jobs better and safer—that's our true measure of success."

As they look toward the future and the needs of the community, Stop Stick founders Robson and Wersching have also applied their expertise to launch Response Technologies, Ltd., another unique, solution-driven company that offers Centurion Elite®, the quickest D2R® solution on the market. According to Robson, Response Technologies is always built on the core values of keeping communities safe and protected.