New Competitor Trade-In Program

February 22, 2019

By: Stop Stick

Category: Stop Stick News

In 2018, Stop Stick® experienced a record number of successful deployments across the United States. In response to this record setting year, and due to an increased demand for the proven and effective tire deflation technology of Stop Stick®, we are happy to announce our new competitor trade in program. Through this program we hope to make Stop Stick® devices more accessible to law enforcement agencies across the country.

Who’s Eligible: The program will be available to any law enforcement agency in the United States.

How it Works: Agencies may trade in an eligible competitor tire deflation device for a credit towards the purchase of a new Stop Stick® set. This credit is applied in a one for one fashion, meaning for each set traded in that credit is applied to one purchased set. Once the purchase is made the competitor device will need to be disposed of by the purchasing agency in a safe manner. After disposal, the purchasing agency will be required to verify that the product is no longer in working use.

Competitor Devices: Devices eligible to receive trade in credits include Stinger Spike System®, as well as similar commercially available products.

Credit Size: The credited amount will be determined by the type of device and the total number of units being traded in. To find out what your credit may look like, please contact your Stop Stick sales rep today.

Program Length: This program will be open through September 30th 2019.

For any questions regarding the trade in program, or your departments eligibility, please contact your Stop Stick, Ltd. sales representative.