Kansas City Police Department Break Up Sideshow Using Stop Sticks

April 11, 2024

By: Zach Madden

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Kansas City Police Effectively Shut Down Sideshow with Strategic Stop Stick® Deployment

Kansas City, MO (April 11, 2024): The Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) successfully disrupted a dangerous sideshow on Sunday, April 7th, utilizing Stop Stick® technology to prevent fleeing vehicles and apprehend participants. This decisive action highlights KCPD’s ongoing commitment to combating these disruptive and potentially hazardous events.

Sideshows Plague Major Cities

Illegal sideshows, often referred to as “street takeovers,” have become a growing concern in metropolitan areas across the country. These events involve large gatherings where participants block off streets or highways to perform reckless stunts and other disruptive activities. The sheer size of these crowds can sometimes overwhelm law enforcement resources.

Over 30 Successful Stop Stick® Deployments

The KCPD reported over 30 successful Stop Stick® deployments during the intervention. This resulted in 32 citations being issued, the towing of 5 vehicles, and additional warrant arrests.

KCPD Committed to Ending Illegal Sideshows

The Kansas City Police Department has made it clear that they are actively working to put an end to illegal sideshows. Their successful use of Stop Stick® technology in this recent incident demonstrates their dedication to ensuring public safety and cracking down on these disruptive events.


The Kansas City Police Department has been saying that they are committed to putting an end to illegal sideshows.  By using Stop Sticks, they are proving how committed they really are.

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