The following documented successful Stop Stick Hits have been compiled from reports submitted by law enforcement agencies, our customers, in all 50 states and internationally. To submit a Pursuit Reporting Form Click Here. Please use the selection tool on the right to view by State or International


04/14/22, Princeton Police Department - Traffic, Carrying dangerous weapon, warrants, license suspension, unregistered m/v, uninsured m/v, fail to stop for police, attaching plates, marked lanes violation, operating to endanger, receiving stolen property +$1, 200

12/29/21, Massachusetts State Police - Traffic, Assault, Felony Vehicle, , Firearms related

12/11/21, Seekonk Police Department - Traffic, Fail to Stop, Marked lanes

09/21/21, Raynham Police Department - Theft, ,

08/05/21, Westport Police Department - Traffic, Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle/Operate to Endanger/Unlicensed

08/02/21, Palmer Police Department - Traffic, Warrant, Drug Related,

03/30/21, Freetown Police Department - Felony Vehicle, Larc of MV, MV violations, operator w/ revoked license, warrants

03/13/21, Deerfield Police Department - Traffic, Neg Operation, Fail to Stop for Police, Unlicensed, Speeding, Uninsured MV, Number plate violation

03/13/21, Whately Police Department - Traffic, Unlicensed operator, Negligent operation, speeding, attached plates, uninsured m/v

02/24/21, Rehoboth Police Department - Traffic, , Possession of Bulgarious tools

02/23/21, Rehoboth Police Department - Traffic, , Fail to stop for police, Reckless oper. MV and possession of burglarious instrument

01/20/21, Freetown Police Department - Traffic, Failure to stop, Rev License, drug offenses

10/07/20, Stockbridge Police Department - , Attempted Murder, Home Invasion, Multiple Motor Vehicle Charges

05/08/20, Westport Police Department - Traffic, Warrant, Fail to Stop

04/05/20, Massachusetts State Police - ,

02/26/20, Massachusetts State Police - Traffic,

02/26/20, Massachusetts State Police - Assault, , Domestic Assault and Stolen Motor Vehicle

01/07/20, Dalton Police Department - Felony Vehicle, Receiving stolen property

01/07/20, Dalton Police Department - Felony Vehicle, Receiving a stolen property

12/28/19, New Hampshire State Police - Traffic, Drunk Driving,

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