March 2022 Hit of the Month: Arnold Police Department – Missouri

May 19, 2022

By: Zach Madden

Category: Stop Stick Hit of the Month

“Hit of the Month” is Stop Stick, Ltd.’s program to recognize truly outstanding performance results coming from the successful deployment of Stop Stick® Tire Deflation Device in ending pursuits. Every month hundreds of reports are received from across the country documenting successful deployments of Stop Sticks®. These reports detail stories of exceptional police work and proper deployment of the Stop Stick® Tire Deflation Device to bring pursuits to an end safely. Below are the departments that were nominated from the hundreds of submissions, and the ones who have been selected as the “Hit of the Month”.



Deploying Officer:  Corporal Vincent Koenig
Arnold Police Department – Missouri

Speed: 81-90 MPH
Miles covered after Deployment: 1
Number of Tires Flattened: 3
VW Passat

Arnold Police Department Corporal Vincent Koenig deployed Stop Sticks while assisting Cape Giradeau Co. Sheriff deputies, Johnson Co. Sheriff’s deputies, and MSHP in pursuit of a Volkswagen Passat occupied by 4 teenagers. The suspects had just been involved in a string of burglaries and car break-ins. A reporting witness attempted to follow the suspect’s vehicle until one of the occupants shot at the witness. Law enforcement eventually located the suspect vehicle shortly after, engaging in a high-speed pursuit starting on residential streets, eventually making their way to the highway. As the vehicle approached the Arnold PD’s jurisdiction, Corporal Koenig set up his Stop Stick® device, successfully deflating 3 of the vehicle’s tires. The 4 occupants would attempt to flee on foot after the vehicle’s tires went flat. Authorities were able to quickly locate one of the teens with the help of the Johnson Co. K9 Deputy. Shortly after Arnold PD would pick up another teen at a local business near the location where the pursuit ended. After running the plates of the Passat, law enforcement would learn that the vehicle and one of the teens in custody had been involved in a recent murder. Reports state that the other two teen suspects are believed to still be at large and most likely were picked up by a second vehicle close to where the pursuit ended.

March 2022 Nominees

South Region

Deploying Officer: Alrin Armstrong
Marble Falls Police Department – Texas

Speed: 100-110 MPH
Miles covered after Deployment: 3
Number of Tires Flattened: 4
Make:  Honda Civic

Two suspects were arrested following a police chase in Marble Falls. Llano Co, Sheriff Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle for a traffic violation, when the vehicle failed to comply and began driving at a high rate of speed in an attempt to elude deputies. Llano Co. Deputies followed the suspect vehicle as it traveled east on Highway 71 eventually entering into the city of Marble Falls. Officer Armstrong deployed Stop Stick successfully flattening all 4 of the suspect’s tires. The suspect vehicle refused to stop until they were driving on rims, that’s when the occupants of the vehicle began shooting from inside the vehicle at pursuing officers, eventually pulling the vehicle into a driveway. The driver exited the vehicle and continued to shoot at Llano Co, Deputies. The driver was shot at least one time before being taken into custody. Both the driver and the passenger were taken to the hospital before being cleared. The driver was arrested, and the passenger was initially released but would be picked back up later for an outstanding warrant.

West Region

Deploying Officer – R. Allensworth
Sumner Police Department – Washington

Speed: 51-60 MPH
Number of Tires Flattened: 3
Make:  GMC Sierra

Buckley Police Department initially responded to a report of stolen vehicle & trailer and thefts near the Bonny Lake area. Buckly PD patrol units eventually located and followed the suspect vehicle through the park area eventually heading down the hill into the city of Sumner. Buckly PD requested assistance and the use of Stop Stick by the Sumner PD as the vehicle approached the city. Officer Allensworth positioned himself and deployed Stop Sticks near 166th Ave. E causing the suspect vehicle to exit onto an adjacent road. Where the suspect would surrender without any further incidents. The suspect was arrested and faces a wide array of charges from theft, obstruction, Hit & Run, and a felony warrant.

East Region

Deploying Officer – Sgt. Brandon MacLeod
Lenoir Police Department – North Carolina

Speed: 120+ MPH
Miles covered after Deployment: 4
Number of Tires Flattened:  2
Make: Hyundai Sonata

Lenoir Police Department assisted Burke Co. Sheriff’s Department with a pursuit that initially started at a local gas station. Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call, where they found the suspect and passenger asleep at a fuel pump with the vehicle running. When the Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to contact the driver, they noticed there were drugs and paraphernalia inside the vehicle. As the Deputy tried to wake the suspects up, the driver cursed him, and the driver took off at a high rate of speed. The suspect would lead sheriff’s deputies on a high-speed chase reaching speeds above 120 MPH. The suspect suddenly pulled the vehicle over onto the shoulder of the road and let his passenger out before continuing the pursuit. Lenoir Police Sgt. MacLeod was able to position himself in front of the pursuit with Stop Stick, flattening 2 of the suspect’s tires. The suspect would attempt to continue pulling onto rural roads where his vehicle eventually became disabled. Law Enforcement quickly surrounds the vehicle and took the suspect into custody without further incident.

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