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The following documented successful Stop Stick Hits have been compiled from reports submitted by law enforcement agencies, our customers, in all 50 states and internationally. To submit a Pursuit Reporting Form Click Here. Please use the selection tool on the right to view by State or International

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01/03/21: STOP STICK, Victoria Police Department - Traffic, Assault,

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08/27/22: STOP STICK, Moose Jaw Police Service - Theft Felony Vehicle, Pursuit of a stolen vehicle

08/06/22: STOP STICK, Saskatoon Police Service - Other,

08/03/22: STOP STICK, Saskatoon Police Service - Other,

07/28/22: STOP STICK, Saskatoon Police Service - Other,

07/26/22: STOP STICK, Winnipeg Police Service - Felony Vehicle, No

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United Kingdom

09/01/22: STOP STICK, Merseyside Police Service - Traffic Felony Vehicle, HSG

02/11/21: STOP STICK, MLA - Other, Fail to stop, dangerous driving, wanted for breaching court order, wanted for breaching sexual offender order

02/02/21: STOP STICK, Thames Valley Police Service - Felony Vehicle, False plates, stolen

01/13/21: STOP STICK, Sussex - Drug Related,

02/29/20: STOP STICK, Sussex - Other, Possession, Suspected Drug Dealing

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