Enhancing Officer Safety: The Bonowi FlexShield Ballistic Shield

January 11, 2024

By: Zach Madden

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Law enforcement officers face numerous risks daily, and the safety of these brave individuals is of paramount importance. Recent statistics from the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) highlight the dangers officers encounter, underscoring the need for advanced protective equipment. We’re going to delve into the findings of the FOP’s 2023 Officer Shootings Update and explore how the Bonowi FlexShield Ballistic Shield contributes to officer safety.

Key Findings from the FOP Monthly Update:

* “The National Fraternal Order of Police reports as of midnight on 31
December, there have been 378 officers shot in the line of duty so far in
2023 (+14% from 2022 YTD; +9% from 2021). Of those officers shot,
46 of them were killed by gunfire (-25% from 2022 YTD; -28% from
2021 YTD).
There have been 115 ambush-style attacks on law enforcement officers
this year. These ambush-style attacks have resulted in 
138 officers shot,
 of whom were killed by gunfire.”To read the full report, please click here.


Bonowi FlexShield Ballistic Shield: Rifle-Rated Protection – Ready when needed most.

The Bonowi FlexShield Ballistic Shield stands out as a revolutionary solution designed to provide law enforcement officers with additional rifle-rated ballistic protection during critical situations.
Let’s explore the key features that make the FlexShield an invaluable asset for officer safety:

  1. Lightweight and Maneuverable:
    The FlexShield’s innovative design ensures it remains
    lightweight while providing rifle-rated ballistic protection.
    The FlexShield is easy to maneuver, FlexShield is
    designed to minimize the encumbrance of heavy equipment
    such as other rigid-style shields. FlexShield’s unique
    fold-over design allows officers to use the FlexShield in various
    configurations depending on the situation. 2 overlapping NIJ
    Level III Rifle-Rated plates give officers the ability to minimize
    their profile during entries and sweeps, alternatively the FlexShield
    was also developed with an AirFrame™ inflatable ballistic bladder that inflates using a CO2 Cartridge making FlexShield ridged.
  2. Ballistic Resistance:
    Built with advanced materials, the FlexShield offers ballistic
    resistance in the form of layered protection. FlexShiled comes
    with 2 overlapping NIJ Level III Rifle Plates and an NIJ Level
    IIIA soft ballistic core, providing officers with enhanced
    protection against a wide range of firearms and ammunition.
    This feature is crucial in high-risk situations where officer
    safety is of utmost concern.
  3. Versatile Deployment:

    The FlexShield’s versatility allows officers to deploy it in
    various scenarios, adapting to the dynamic nature of law
    enforcement operations. Whether responding to an active
    shooter situation, executing a search warrant, or faced with
    any high-risk scenario, the FlexShield is a versatile tool in
    an officer’s arsenal.
  4. Beyond Ballistics:

    The FlexShield’s protection goes beyond ballistic threats.
    It offers stab and spike resistance, crucial in an age where
    violence can take different forms. Additionally, the shield
    can be inflated in seconds, transforming it into a sturdy
    barrier or even an emergency stretcher.
  5. Quick Deployment and Retraction:
    The FlexShield can be rapidly deployed and retracted, offering
    officers the flexibility to respond swiftly to changing circumstances. T
    his quick response capability is vital for officer safety during critical incidents.


The FOP Monthly Update serves as a stark reminder of the dangers law enforcement officers face. In this challenging landscape, innovative solutions like the Bonowi FlexShield play a crucial role in enhancing officer safety. By providing lightweight maneuverability, ballistic resistance, versatile deployment, transparency, and quick response capabilities, the FlexShield stands as a testament to the commitment to protecting those who protect us.

As we reflect on these statistics, it is imperative to continue supporting advancements in officer safety equipment, ensuring that law enforcement professionals have access to the best tools available as they bravely serve their communities.



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