August Hit of the Month 2023:Cornelius Police Department [NC]

November 30, 2023

By: Zach Madden

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Hit of the Month: August 2023

The winners and Nominees for Stop Stick’s Hit of the Month for August 2023.
“Hit of the Month” is Stop Stick, Ltd.’s program to recognize truly outstanding performance results coming from the successful deployment of Stop Stick® Tire Deflation Device in ending pursuits. Every month hundreds of reports are received from across the country documenting successful deployments of Stop Sticks®. These reports detail stories of exceptional police work and proper deployment of the Stop Stick® Tire Deflation Device to bring pursuits to an end safely. Below are the departments that were nominated from the hundreds of submissions, and the ones who have been selected as the “Hit of the Month”.



Cornelius Police Department
Cornelius, North Carolina

  • # of tires deflated: 4
  • Pursuit Speed: 71-80 MPH
  • Time of Pursuit:  2 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled after deployment: <1
  • Target Vehicle Make: 2022 Cadillac XT4
  • Deploying Officer(s): Lt. Vanzant, Officer Walker

Lt. Vanzant and Officer Walker of the Cornelius Police Department have earned our nomination as winners for August’s Hit of the Month award.


Their tactical use of Stop Stick® during a sting operation resulted in the capture and subsequent prevention of what could have been a lengthy pursuit.

Cornelius Police responded to a report of a stolen car that was involved in a series of mail thefts and had eluded a neighboring jurisdiction a day earlier.

Officers located the stolen vehicle and initiated a tactical intervention using unmarked police vehicles to take the suspect by surprise.


Officers in the unmarked vehicles initiated a traffic stop, expecting the suspect to flee, both Lt. Vanzant and Officer Walker were stationed at a predetermined covered location with 2 sets of Stop Sticks deployed and at the ready.

As the suspect fled the unmarked vehicles they were funneled directly towards where the officers had deployed Stop Sticks and were able to successfully deflate all 4 of the suspect’s tires, resulting in the suspect attempting to foot bail however, thanks to Cornelius Officers preplanning the suspect didn’t get very far before officers were able to take them into custody.

We’ve chosen the Cornelius Police Department and both Lt. Vanzant and Officer Walker as August’s Award winners, Their use of Stop Stick as an essential tool for this special operation not only was a textbook success story but also resulted in the prevention of what could have been a lengthy pursuit.


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Illinois State Police
Des Plaines, Illinois

  • # of tires deflated: 3 (R/Front, L/Front, R/Rear)
  • Pursuit Speed: 51-60 MPH
  • Time of Pursuit: 54 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled after deployment: 3
  • Target Vehicle Make: 2020 Hyundai Tucson
  • Deploying Officer: Master Sgt. S. Matias, Sgt. E. David, Trooper Knaperek


3 officers from the Illinois State Police earned a nomination for August’s Hit of the Month for their use of Stop Stick while assisting the Chicago Police Department.


The pursuit started in the late evening of 08/15 when Chicago Police were notified of an armed robbery that had just taken place involving a dark-colored Hyundai Tucson.

Due to Chicago’s restrictive policies on vehicle pursuits, the Illinois State Police have proved to be more than resourceful in assisting the Chicago Police when a pursuit arises.

The suspect led police through the Chicago suburban streets in an attempt to flee capture which would prove to be fruitless for the suspect as the Illinois State Police were more than ready to end this pursuit.

As the suspect attempted to make their getaway they would provide Illinois Troopers 3 opportunities to deploy Stop Sticks, resulting in 3 flattened tires and a disabled getaway car, the suspect eventually gave up and was taken into custody by the Chicago Police Department.

The suspect is facing multiple traffic-related charges as well as 7 Armed Robbery Charges as it was found that the suspect was linked to several other cases just weeks prior.

Illinois State Police earned our nomination for their ability to act quickly and effectively as a resource for the Chicago Police. Their ability to coordinate with multiple departments to make 3 successful deployments effectively ending the pursuit of a suspect who thought crime paid has earned the ISP our nomination for Hit of the Moth for August.


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Rocklin Police Department
Rocklin, California

  • # of tires deflated: 2 (R/Front R/Rear)
  • Pursuit Speed: 21-30 MPH
  • Time of Pursuit: 13 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled after deployment: 2
  • Target Vehicle Make: 2013 Chevrolet Sonic
  • Deploying Officer: Jonathan Gees

Officer Gee’s Stop Stick® deployment on 8/14 involving multiple agencies and a suspect wanted for Criminal trespass, Criminal Threats, Evading, and DUI, has earned a nomination for August’s Hit of the Month.


Officer Gee’s submitted Deployment Report Stated, that he received information about a pursuit involving California Highway Patrol that was entering the city of Rocklin, Officer Gee responded to the call, following updates on the pursuit direction and location, Officer Gee located a safe location to deploy his Stop Sticks ahead of the incoming pursuit. As the pursuit closed in on his location he deployed Stop Sticks across the road, pulling them into the path of the suspect’s vehicle. As the suspect drove over the deployed Stop Sticks both passenger side tires were spiked, causing the suspect to drastically reduce their speed.

Officer Gee was able to collect his Stop Sticks and join the pursuit that came to a safe conclusion roughly 2 miles after hitting Stop Stick, with the suspect effectively giving up an pulling their vehicle over to comply with officer’s commands.

Officer Gee noted that this particular set of Stop Sticks had already been used during a successful deployment back in May and was still just as effective as if they were new, “Awesome Product!”




Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
Tampa, Florida

  • # of tires deflated: 2 (R/Front, R/Rear)
  • Pursuit Speed: 100-110 MPH
  • Time of Pursuit: 10 Minutes
  • Miles Traveled after deployment: 2
  • Target Vehicle Make: 2019 Dodge Charger Hellcat
  • Deploying Officer: Kalin Hall

Deputy Hall earned a nomination for August’s Hit of the Month for his deployment of Stop Stick® as part of an Auto Theft Taskforce Operation involving multiple stolen vehicles.


Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office recently formed an Auto Theft Task Force to respond to a surge of stolen vehicles in their area. Sheriff Task Force Deputies were conducting surveillance when they observed several suspects stealing a Ford F-250 , Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Charger Hellcat, and a boat on a trailer.

Deputies tracked the stolen vehicles with the help of the Sheriff’s office aviation unit, the suspects would eventually split up causing ground units to separate, the HCSO Ariel unit continued to follow the stolen Hellcat providing updates to Deputy Hall as he got himself in position ahead of the stolen vehicle.

Deputy Hall safely deployed his Stop Sticks ahead of the oncoming Hellcat flattening both tires on the passenger side of the vehicle. With additional units already trailing the suspect, Deputies quickly moved in and boxed the stolen vehicle in preventing the suspect from attempting to flee.]

Deputies moved in and took the suspect into custody without any further incident.

We chose Deputy Hall’s deployment for August for his safe deployment resulting in the successful capture and recovery of a stolen vehicle. The HCSO’s use of Stop Sticks for this operation was effective and a shining example of how Stop Stick can be utilized with coordination and communication to bring a swift and safe conclusion to vehicle pursuits.


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