2021 Hit of the Year Award Winner Makes Another Successful Deployment Helping Recover a Stolen SUV

May 11, 2023

By: Zach Madden

Category: Stop Stick News

Trooper John Lewis (Hit of the Year 2021 Award Winner) – Another Successful Deployment Assisting Lincoln Police with Stop Stick®.

Our 2021 Stop Stick® Hit of the Year Winner Trooper John Lewis with the Nebraska State Patrol made headlines once again for another successful Stop Stick® deployment resulting in the successful capture of a driver under the influence and in possession of a stolen SUV.

After Multiple attempts to get the suspect to comply

According to The Lincoln Journal Star, a pursuit was initiated after a report of a stolen car Tuesday (5/09/2023) morning. Lincoln Police responded quickly to a report of a stolen 2015 Chevrolet Equinox.

Officers initially located the vehicle in the vicinity and attempted to pull the driver over. After multiple failed attempts to get the suspect to comply with the police’s orders, Lincoln Police initiated a pursuit that would crisscross the entire city of Lincoln.

Nebraska State Patrol provided ariel & Stop Stick® support

The Nebraska State Patrol located a stolen vehicle with aerial support, providing location data and directing ground support for a tactical advantage.

With the help of the Nebraska State Patrol’s helicopter Trooper Lewis was able to position himself ahead of the vehicle’s location and deploy Stop Stick®. Trooper Lewis managed to flatten both driver-side tires which would disable the vehicle a short distance later in a residential neighborhood near 40th and Y streets, brining the lengthy pursuit to a close.

Both vehicle occupants fled after the vehicle was disabled

The Driver (Male) and passenger (Female) fled the vehicle on foot attempting to elude the pursuing police. after a brief search of the area the passenger was located hiding out in a nearby backyard as officers attempted to place the passenger under arrest she became combative with the officers.

Following the incident, the driver was swiftly apprehended by the authorities as he tried to gain entry into a friend’s residence. A struggle ensued, and the driver aggressively resisted arrest. Further inquiries uncovered that the driver was inebriated and was subsequently charged with DUI, Reckless driving, and Flight to Avoid Arrest.

Presently, the two suspects are in custody and are being held in the Lancaster County Jail until their trial.

Thanks to the assistance of the Nebraska State Patrol’s Air Wing support and ground coordination with Stop Stick®, Lincoln Police were bringing this pursuit to a safe ending.
It’s unclear how far the chase could have gone because the driver was determined to avoid arrest. Their impairment makes it hard to know how many people were put in danger by their behavior.

Congratulations again to Trooper John Lewis, the Nebraska State Patrol, and Lincoln Police for their efforts in successfully bringing a potentially dangerous pursuit to a safe ending.



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