STOP STICK is the world’s leading tire-deflation device for high speed pursuits.

Proper deployment occurs well ahead of an approaching target vehicle, with officers a safe distance from the
"hit," yet in control of the device position via attached cord reel. Teflon®-coated quills penetrate the tire and 
act as valves, releasing air at a safe, controlled rate.

Stop Stick Tire Deflation Solutions

Stop Stick® Tire
Deflation Solutions

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  • Michael Roberts

    Lieutenant - Portland Police Bureau, OR

    " One of our strongest methods of capture has been the use of Stop Sticks. We have several tactical applications which we embed into our engagement strategy, knowing if an individual chooses to flee from police, an intervention strategy is already in place. We do this on every mission-related stop, and have found multiple occasions where we have been successful using the Stop Stick in both the 3 segment sleeve or in the deployment of one single “shorty”."

  • Cory Sanderson

    Sergeant Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, WA

    Our department covers 4,300 square miles of South Central Washington in Yakima County. Our officers, including patrol and canine units, rely on the Stop Stick® to help end pursuits safely and securely. We've successfully deployed the Stop Stick fifteen times since December of 2011. A few months ago Stop Sticks were essential in ending a felony robbery pursuit that we were assisting the city with. The suspect had led the city police department on a chase for several miles in the city and then to the highway. We were able get out ahead of the chase and deploy the Stop Stick for a successful arrest. Stop Stick is a critical part of our team that we know we can count on to help save lives.

  • Shane Bland

    Officer - Sylacauga PD, AL

    “I just wanted to say out of all the technology that has come out in our profession over the last few years, yours is still at the top of my list. I've been doing this for 10 Years now and nothing has stop deadly pursuits like Stop Sticks. I used them the other day on a suicidal person trying to kill herself by driving into oncoming traffic and was able to get all four tires and end it within the first 10 Minutes of the chase.”

  • Austin Toal

    Deputy Kootenai County Sheriff, Idaho

    I am a Deputy Sheriff with Kootenai County in northern Idaho. I have been employed as such for almost six years now and have been involved with a number of pursuits.
    On 08/07/14 was able to deploy your product and successfully and safely end a high speed pursuit which was initiated by another agency. This is a first, in my time as a patrol deputy that I have seen/or been involved in a pursuit where tire deflation was successful. I have to say it felt good to deploy the StopSticks and bring an end to the pursuit. It was a lot less stressful than actually being in a pursuit. It was estimated the suspect vehicle drove over the StopSticks at approximately 110 miles per hour.
    I wanted to say thank you for developing a product that is intuitive to use and effective. I was pleased to find out that when I gathered the deployed StopSticks I did not get stuck with any razor sharp barbs. I was expecting a medieval looking device after the fleeing vehicle struck them. Please continue the good work you’re doing and the positive impact your company has had on law enforcement.

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