Stop Stick® Holster Now Available

Stop Stick® Holster Now Available

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Available now, the Stop Stick® holster provides another option for mounting and storing your Stop Stick® devices. Keeping space considerations in mind, the durable metal enclosure allows for other equipment to be stacked on the holster without fear of damage to your Stop Stick® devices.


For more information on the holster, or to order, contact your sales rep today.

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Stop Stick® is the world’s leading tire-deflation device used by law enforcement to safely and quickly end high-speed automotive pursuits. More than 250,000 police vehicles are equipped with Stop Sticks® which are proven to deflate tires on any vehicle from small cars to tractor-trailers. In the last 20 years, law enforcement officers have successfully ended over 25,000 vehicle pursuits in all 50 states and abroad using Stop Stick® devices. Additionally, police departments and law enforcement teams have utilized equipment such as Centurion Scout®, a portable wireless surveillance system, to better aid in public security.